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Why Kainjoo.life?

We are expert in global brands performance for regulated fields.

Haider Alleg talks to Paul Simms during Eye for Pharma Barcelona, on why pharma needs to fear web giants unless they focus on how digital is impacting the healthcare environment.

Working in the life sciences industry for more than 10 years, we became expert in bootstrapping and nurturing global brands performance in regulated fields, using innovative and creative solutions.

Kainjoo means Emotion through Continuous Progress. This reflects the internal methodologies we adapted to marketing, creative and technology projects, from the famous 6sigma and Kaizen Japanese frameworks.

Haider Alleg, Managing Director


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Experience in regulated fields market access pharmacovigilance global organisations

Web health awards 2014 Gold WinnerAt Kainjoo we understand the industry and we do talk your language. From market access, to regulatory and pharmacovigilance, we evolved in complex and global organisations knowing how to blend creativity and innovation. While focusing on healthcare, hygiene and beauty brands our experience took us to tackle more than 47 code of conducts. This enables Kainjoo to safely launch brands while implementing multichannel campaigns for patients, close-loop-marketing solutions or beyond-the-pill programs.

They trust us


Kainjoo® bridge the gap
between Creativity,
Business and Innovation.

360° Consulting to reach & engage your targets


Physicians & Key Opinion Leaders


Patients & Consumers


Corporate & Public Relations


Payers & Governments

Our core competencies :

At Kainjoo®, we developed a delicate taste for elegant, creative and
powerful ideas that resonate well for regulated industries.

Creative Branding

After a couple of years working as a ghost player, Kainjoo is now recognised for its ideas and accurate response to business requirements. Thinking outside of the box and using 360° channels, your brand doesn’t smell like hospital anymore.


Multichannel Marketing

Educated by the web industry, we believe that digital marketing is a DNA branch of a brand, not an additional layer. We transform and mute the way you deal with emerging channels and build brand religions.

Technology Engineering

Technology is part of the brand transformation journey, not its destination. We know how to play with new channels and tools to tackle your business challenges. Tool agnostic, we propose what we believe best for you.

Our expertise counts Hygiene, Beauty, Wellness, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medtech, Consumer Health, Crop Science, Animal Health, Nutraceuticals, Technologies/IOT, Nutrition
Working for global players such Novartis or Novo Nordisk shaped our knowledge to master brands in more than 47 code of conducts. Our area of expertise are WEU, CIS/CEE, MENA, AMERICAS